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Philadelphia, PA
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I've never even heard or seen of this stuff before. I saw some discussion on B&B about people using this to help with razor burn, irritation and ingrown hairs. it can be had for dirt cheap of amazon... $8.57 for 8oz at the time of this writing on amazon!

has anyone used it on their face before?
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I wouldn't put it on my face.

It is cheap. I think it's made close to where I live.

My dad used to use it on his heels and callused hands in the winter.

It's like scented petroleum jelly. Medicinal scented.

I think more recently they came out with a more traditional hand lotion. I saw little samples of it. They were shaped like mayo packets from a fast food restaurant.

Anyway. My skin - I wouldn't put it on my face. It's super greasy.
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I just visited Google.

I had my bovine nipple care products mixed up.

The green tin can that's more or less cube shaped, that's what I remember my old man using.

This is the newer stuff I've seen locally; http://www.udderlysmooth.com/products.shtml

For $8 or $9 I think it's worth a try. The tin can stuff. If anything you'll be able to grease every hinge in your house and your garage door for the rest of your life with what's in that can.


The Udder Cream brand is just like Jergens or something more pedestrian.
Shave yourself.
I used the green can with roses when working livestock. You can use it as a chapstick and hand lotion but it's a mite much on your face.

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I grew up with the stuff. We bought it in a gallon sized tin and used it on the milk cows to prevent chapped teats and udders. As any farm kid will tell you it works well for that purpose and a plethora of others. The smell is an acquired taste as it is fairly strongly medicated. It brings back a lot of memories for me but I don't wish to smell like that now. We used it for chafe, wind burn, frostbite, chap, and a bunch of other things. And yes it went on faces a lot! That said, I don't think it did anything that unrefined Shea butter doesn't do as well or better and I really like the smell of Shea. Price is pretty cheap too.

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It also makes a decent emergency firestarter.

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The green tin is a heavy product just like petroleum jelly. It has lanolin and an antiseptic I believe. Only time I used it was at the recommendation of my tattoo artist as post care and that was in 1995.

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I use bag balm on chapped and cracked hands and its pretty good. Not a great scent. You could try Udder Butter - similar stuff

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being that it's so cheap, I just ordered some of the bag balm. we shall see how it goes!

if I don't like it, I'll have my wife give it to one of the local farmers she buys meat, cheese & eggs from.

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Philadelphia, PA
I got the bag balm today and boy does this stuff STINK! To me, it smells like a barn you'd find on a farm.

I'm still unsure if I'm going to put any on my face after a shave....

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