Apologies if this is an old thread I'm starting again but a friend of mine made an enquiry with a US vendor regarding the purchase of a badger shaving brush and was told it's not possible to export a brush with a badger knot from the USA to the UK.

Has this always been the case and I'm just learning of it or is it a recent change in US postal policy or is it coming from UK guidance? As far as I'm aware all the badger knots we use are produced in China and exported to elsewhere in the world either already in a handle or destined to by united with one at its destination wherever that may be.
So if this is true and it's not permissible to export badger knots from the US to the UK aftercthis process , why is this the case?
I'm curious to know since the product would need to be imported in the first place. If anyone knows the ins and outs of this I'd appreciate some clarity.

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Don't know how long it's been going on, but I've been looking around since I'm in the same boat (Aus though, not UK). Some sites have just said that they're not able to, but the Wolf Whiskers website says on their FAQ:

Quote:#6 Q: Can you ship Badger hair brushes outside of the USA?
A: No, Wolf Whiskers is defined as a Commercial entity by the Fish and Wildlife Service. As a commercial entity, The Fish and Wildlife Service requires an inspection fee that costs more than a shaving brush for EVERY shipment that contains anything made with animal hair, even a single brush. Wolf Whiskers cannot ship any badger hair products or import them without this fee and permit. So, since the fee costs more than the product, international shipments of animal hair is not optional.

So I'm assuming it's on the US end and that it's worth an artisan's while to import knots for making brushes in a single large lot, but not worth it sending individual brushes overseas. Larger companies probably have some kind of arrangement with the relevant authorities.

I'm curious as to how much the actual fee is though.

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That's very disappointing for the customer. For example Savile Row brushes as far as I'm aware are manufactured in either the UK or somewhere in Europe so for QED to sell them and bring them into the country they must have to pay this inspection fee and yet they would need to by the sounds of it have the same product go through the same process to then export it possibly back to the country it initially arrived from? This to me sounds suspiciously like over zealous belligerent beaurocracy. I can see the point for the initial inspection considering it is animal hair but subsequent inspection upon export seems ridiculous to me. Maybe some of our US members could shed some light in case I'm being unfair to the relevant authorities or if I'm just wide of the mark in general.

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You're not being unfair. Bureaucracy rarely makes sense. Somebody has decided that international trade in animal parts is bad or at least ought to be regulated so that fees can be extracted. Its likely aimed at fur products that have a much higher per unit value but captures low unit value items too like brushes. Similar situation with after shaves. Us won't export them internationally. I think that has its roots in bootlegging and the government wanting their excise tax on booze. It certainly can't be a transportation of dangerous goods issue because its just as hazardous to ship alcohol within the US as outside it and they ship plenty of other hazardous items. Its rarely a good idea to get between a government regulator and its perceived source of tax revenue.
Yeah, I thought as much. Thanks Marko

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I thought Shavemac made the Savile Row brushes.

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(12-26-2015, 04:32 PM)Unobtainium81 Wrote: I thought Shavemac made the Savile Row brushes.

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I've read that as well but I've not read anything from Shavemac confirming that.

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Maybe ask Uncle Bernd

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Want to revive this post.

I live in the US. I have a brush listed on B/S/T and a potential buyer in Israel. Am I breaking some kind of law if I complete the transaction?


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