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Hey all.  Doing a little den cleaning and stumbled upon this stuff that either I just don’t reach for or I already have plenty of spares.  Prices include CONUS shipping.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.  Thanks for looking!

- B&M Roam soap & AS set: Soap is new/unused and I think I may have splashed the AS once.   $40. [Image: Yk1oUuA.jpg]

- B&M Roam Kyovu:  Looks to be approximately 85-90% full but please reference the pic for the exact amount.  $20. [Image: qt5RLGU.jpg]

- B&M Hallows soap:  SOLD

- MER Shaving Devoid:  This is a duck fat based unscented soap from a relatively small artisan.  Performance is great.  Lathered approximately 5x but please reference pic for exact amount.   $11. [Image: Rfgzqcg.jpg]
Bump for added Hallows

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