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This has quickly become my favorite scent. Looking for vegan or tallow formula. If you have a tub that isn't being used I'd be happy to take it off your hands!  I'd also be interested in Winter Spice as well. I'll buy or I have a couple of razors I'd be willing to trade.

Thanks all!

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You got a closed comb tradere? We can talk of you do. =p

Otherwise no way I'm letting my fougere go!
If you have a Black Mamba you'd like to sell I have a tub I could put toward the purchase of a Black Mamba.
Unfortunately I don't have either of those. I have an Ever Ready 1912, a Superspeed and a cased Bell Handle Aristocrat.
I'll take new or used Smile
Trying this one more time. I know a couple tubs just sold but I missed them. Looking for tallow or vegan.


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