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August News

August has arrived and so has Back-to-School season. If you have a little one, good luck. If you don’t, this is one of those times where you definitely have it easier. So, what’s new at WSP this month? Read on to find out!

Cedar Citron is Delayed

Everything at WSP is handmade and the 99% of items made in-house are 100% made by hand without the aid of automation. This means human error creeps in every once in a while. And in this case, it means Cedar Citron will not be available this week (or earlier) as planned. But don’t panic, we fixed it and the first few tins are curing and will be available in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eye on your inbox.

The Month in Good News

We’re expanding our Made-to-Order selection. I’ll be adding Solid Cologne to the scented to order roster. ETA 1-2 months. As soon as I get the labels in.

I’ve got some label updates in the works. Shave Cream, Face Lotion, & Aftershave Balm are on the update list.

And speaking of updates, I’m also working on formulating out the last parabens. Your safety is my #1 priority, and until I figured out a way to keep the microbes out of the lotions, I’ve been stuck with parabens. But don’t worry, they’re on their way out. I’ve already removed them from the hand balms and everything else is next.

I have a new intern!

His name is Sam, and he’ll be helping me with the social media. You may have noticed a renewed effort to post more frequently lately. Sam’s been the catalyst behind that. Here he is in his own words:

I’m Sam, the new Social Media Intern here at Wet Shaving Products. I’ll be putting together a lot of the new content for our social media outlets and blog! I’m pretty new to the idea of wet shaving so the blog is going to center around trying out what WSP has to offer, and sometimes just figuring out what a given product is! I’m hoping that my fresh perspective can help demystify some of of the products we have here, and show you that anybody can get into wet shaving!

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