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BaylorGator won the recent auction I sponsored.

This knife blade is VG-10 Damascus.  VG-10 is a stainless steel that is strong, gets wickedly sharp and holds the edge well.  He selected dyed Cottonwood Burl scales, which are unique and really cool.  

This knife will pass through many generations with basic care.  I only used stabilized burl with a G-10 liner on knives or razors to ensure the best possible support and strength.  This knife is pinned rather than being put together with screws, which is great for longevity.  The knife doesn't have teflon washers like many new knives.  This is great for longevity as the teflon will eventually wear out.

The thong is 550 paracord with the core removed, a titanium bead and tied via a cobra knot.  Many folks like to let the thong stay outside of their pocket for easy access, though can be easily removed if desired.   The sheath is handmade and sewn.  This knife doesn't need a sheath, though I made one in case he doesn't want keys or whatever else is in his pocket to scratch the knife.  I've since made a new one for him after learning chrome tanned leather, which is 90% of what is used in the market, shouldn't be used next to metal, especially steel.

With this intro, here are the pics:

[Image: M2NGO8j.jpg]

[Image: hXSEOgj.jpg]

[Image: hWplSdi.jpg]

[Image: evwvnSK.jpg]

[Image: pcmABsu.jpg]

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First of all, I was happy to help out DFS, and get the bonus of checking out the workmanship of what looked to me to be pretty nice gear on the Hendrix Classics website. If it isn’t immediately apparent from the pictures, let me tell you that it’s really fantastic craftsmanship and the knife is even more beautiful in person. I didn’t know of Pete or his company prior to this auction, but I’ve been completely impressed with the time and attention he has paid to try to make everything just how I wanted it. In fact, I liked the knife so much, I’ve asked Pete to make me a custom Bismarck straight razor with scales from the same piece of ironwood. Tons of personal communication and attention to detail really made this feel like a one of a kind “custom” made just for me. Thanks, Pete! I’m excited about the knife as well as the razor to come!

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That is a badass knife! Makes me want one. Congrats BaylorGator and fantastic job Pete123.
- Jeff

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That can be arranged. hahaha

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