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ATTN: MALBOLGE Is Back! This baby goes all the way back to 2013!

First 50 Bundles Sold Include NEW, 2023 Collectible, Limited Edition, Holographic Label!
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Scent Profile: Tobacco, Citrus, Anise, Musk, Patchouli, Burnt Sugar, Black Pepper & Benzoin Resin. A scent so rich and enchanting you'll probably wear it into the holiday season, like your favorite wool sweater!


Yes people, this is one of those truly special Phoenix Shaving scents that has amassed such a large cult following over the years! At one time I'm pretty sure Malbolge products were being used like BitCoin. Seriously. It would not be so odd to see a random "Malbolge, Malbolge, Malbolge" posted in the groups. It was secret code to those who knew. Oh and the many ways people pronounced it; music to my ears!

But What Is It? 

Malbolge is something bold, teeming with woody and aromatic accords while a subtle undercurrent of sweetness flows alive underneath. Blood Orange and Bergamot bleed like electricity into a beating heart note of Black Pepper and Benzoin Resin along with Licorice (Star Anise) and Burnt Sugar. All this set against a backdrop of base notes like Patchouli, Dark Musk & Tobacco.

This classic Autumn blend is perfect for men looking for just a touch of something different this Fall Season...though I bet you reach for it all year long!
"Over A Decade Of Different, Phoenix Shaving!"

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