Hello. Interested in purchasing an Above The Tie SE1. I'm not sure which finish or handle to go with.

Does anyone know the difference between their machined and satin finish? Also what were their original razors in before they started offering a finish choice?

I used to have a brass general but I found it a bit cumbersome to use and ended up selling it. I feel that was mostly due to the fact the handle didn't have any grip and it was quite heavy at 130g.

Any suggestions appreciated. Also would like to know which blade people are using in their SE1 razor. Thanks.

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Sounds like satin has more matte finish due to bead blasting compared to the original (which i believe to be "brushed") which is not bead blasted (?).



Edit: I have The General (head only) in aluminum which I like. I sold the SE1 "brushed" (or whichever the original finish was) in favor of this. I use it with the TiBam titanium handle as well as the Maggard MR5 handle.
Satin finish

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Feather ProGuard and KAI Titan mild — best in ATT SE1
I would also go for Satin finish, and I use Feather Pro with the bamboo handle on my SE-1. A very smooth and close shave with that combination.

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