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Hi everyone,

I recently read some posts about the Schick Proline Artist Club Blades, mostly gathering immensely positive reviews, especially on the Above the Tie SE1 and SE2, which I own. For perspective, I adore both the SE1 and SE2 and both are one of my favorite razors of all time, along with the Windsor R1. My favorite blades on the SE1/SE2 are the Kai Mild.

As per the reviews, I ordered 5 Schick Proline Blades from tryablade and they arrived on Friday. Today I decided to test them out with the SE1 and a proven shave soap (Mike's Natural Barbershop). During the shave, the blade very comfortable, extremely smooth (same as Kai Mild) but the results were even better than with the Kai Mild (Completely effortless BBS, while the Kai Mild always need some extra touchups). I feel the Prolines are a bit sharper while retaining that amazing smoothness, which is what we all look for in a blade. In Summary, these are the best blades within the Artist Club type, that I have ever used. I will be buying 2 packs of these as backup.

Furthermore, these blades seem to bring out the best out of the ATT SE1. You really can't get a more comfortable shave or closer BBS than this, period. This is gonna revive my passion for the SE1 once again. I had seen this Proline/SE1 combo was magical and I have to say I 100% agree with such statements. These blades are a complete game changer for me. I will be trying with the SE2 this week as well.

Anyone else has experience with this combination or with the Schick Prolines in general?

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No experience with this blade yet but now I think I’ll give one a try in my SE2.
SE1 + Schick Proline = my all-time favorite SE combo. Nothing beats this IMHO. Use a light hand and you’ll get the shave of a lifetime.

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