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Does anyone have both copper razors from both companies? I’m curious as to if they are the same shade/color or if they differ. Pics online lead me to believe the CG copper is a bit deeper/darker color. Was pondering getting a copper ATT handle for kicks because I like the look but not sure if the color would mismatch a lot. Thanks
At one time I had both in my den and the copper CG is a little more warm with tones of gold in it where as the Windsor seemed to have more red tones in the copper. Both very nice just different and I probably wouldn’t pair them together but that’s just my take on the matter. Others may disagree.

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I had. a CG copper handle on my ATT Windsor for a few months. They looked perfect, however the ATT has a coating on it to prevent patina and the CG has just Renaissance wax so it eventually darkened more than the ATT head. I just sold my ATT or I would have posted pics.

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