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BOOOOOOOM! Finally available in its own line, Astro Traveler!

This is going to make a lot of folks REALLY Happy!

Scent Profile: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Spiced Orange Zest, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Saffron, Oakwood, Vetiver, and Tobacco.

“Astro Traveler is finally here! I’ve been begging Doug for this one since I first started on my wet shaving journey, and now both you and I can truly experience it in a full sized soap and splash. Fresh and inviting, this has been one of my favorite scents in wet shaving and I’m sure it will be one for you too!” ~ Tim Tillock,  The Shaving Tulsan

Astro Traveler began its life as the exclusive soap, after Atmotic, that came with our beloved Travel Scuttle. Now mind you, it was the replacement for Atmotic, which began its life as the exclusive soap to come with our travel scuttle that we were forced to create an entire line around! Seeing a trend yet? lol

Turns out, like its predecessor, it was too good to only offer in sample size! So once again, we had to listen to our customers and make it right! Behold folks, Astro Traveler, one heck of a fall time scent...that has zero to do with pumpkins.

Astro Traveler has the presence of a fine, festive, aged spiced beverage. If you are looking for a hearty and bold scent this Autumn, Astro Traveler is a real crowd pleaser, truly something special!
The shining star of this accord is Saffron. A scent note I have used in the past here and there but never in a way where I felt it shine. In Astro Traveler, it burns bright!

Saffron is an aromatic and very expensive spice by weight, and is known as “King of spices” and “red gold”. Its odor profile is bittersweet, leathery, soft and intimate, with an earthy base note.

As for the label art, imagine if you will, myself and Timmy Two Shaves (The Shaving Tulsan) joy riding around in the airship that adorns the Atmotic label...somewhere along our journey we came under attack by some very stealthy foo fighters and well, wasn't a smooth landing. But, we did smell awesome all the while!

Happy Fall Folks!

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