worked fine for my first shave. picked it up at dollar tree. bbs for a buck.

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If it works for you, that's all that matters!
They break easily, and its hit or miss on wether the razor works out of the package, but when they do its worth every penny, plus i found the blades not to bad either. And for a tto is was decently aggressive. I picked up a few to take camping. I think i read somewere that the blades were ying jili out of china which arent that terrible. Pick up an arko stick and you have yourself a very cheap decent shave.
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i'm sure it's the same razor "rick" from pawnstars sells for 20 bucks.   at 1 dollar it's a non disposable that is disposable.  i'm impressed for the price point. and maybe dollar tree will add more members to dfs!

the one i got worked great. not as good as my titanium timeless but bbs nonetheless. i like the butterfly mechanism. has zero snob appeal but who cares. and i agree it's decently aggressive probably slightly more than a merkur 34C.

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