Shave It Shave Co
Ontario, Canada
"BLU" is a fresh, single scented, certified vegan shave soap line we're incredibly proud of. It has a Kaolin Clay and Organic Oatmeal base with all natural ingredients and is beautifully scented with only the finest quality Essential Oils.  We worked hand in hand with a top local soap maker on this excellent formula and are very pleased with the end result.  We wanted to keep our BLU Shave Soap line simple, very effective and most importantly, all natural as no animal products or synthetic fragrances were used.
Our BLU Shave Soap produces a thick dense lather along with a beautiful slickness throughout your shave and excellent post shave hydration.
To start, BLU will come in THREE fantastic scents, with more to follow.  These initial scents are:
- Blood Orange
- Key Lime
- Spearmint
Again, we are using only quality natural essential oils to bring these scents to life and wanted our scents to be fresh and pleasing while lathering and shaving, but not overwhelming.
"BLU Shave Soap by Shave It Shave Co. - Simple. Natural. Awesome."
"If It Needs A Shave... Shave It"

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