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I've been thinking about this for a bit now, and I was wondering if anyone else agrees with me.

So, like a lot of guys here, I have a pretty big den. Most of my razors are straights and I use them most of the time, but I also use DE and SE razors pretty frequently.

When I switch from a straight to a DE or from a DE to an SE, and even when I switch from a less-aggressive to a more-aggressive DE razor, I've noticed that the first shave with the 'new' razor is okay, but not great. It takes me 2-3 uses with the same razor to get the best shaves from the razor.

I think this is because, while the basic techniques we use are the same between razors, each razor does require a slight modification in technique to get the best out of it. Even the first shaves are pretty good, but it does take a little time to adapt to the peculiarities of the individual razor. This is more pronounced when moving from a DE to an SE, for example, as the shaving style is pretty different.

I know a few guys use only one razor or maybe a very small rotation, where they can keep on top of the technique changes required. My rotation is such that some razors may not get used for months.

I've even noticed that when using a large straight after using one of my smaller ones, the first shave can be sub-par. When I've been reviewing a straight and have used it for a week or two, I've noticed that the shaves after the third shave or so are really, really good - indicating that even with straights, it takes a little while to adjust to the individual razor.

I love the variety a large rotation offers, but if the purpose of this hobby is to get a great shave every time, then is this the right approach?


Do you guys have similar experiences?

Do you think we could be doing ourselves a disservice by maintaining large rotations?

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I actually think there is a lot of truth to what you discovered. I came to the same conclusion and sold all but my Wolfman razor. I enjoy the variety but not at the expense of a great shave. I found that I was having a hard time reaching for any other razor but the Wolfman. It got to the point where I had to force myself to use the others, otherwise I felt like I was not getting my money's worth. I've now been shaving with the Wolfman exclusively since October and I can tell you that my technique has gotten close to perfect. Where once my shaves took 20 minutes, I can now do so in 12-15, and I attribute this to the familiarity with the razor.

I get my variety from my brushes, soaps, and aftershaves.

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Not a straight user yet but I noticed the same thing when switching from DE to SE or for that matter even between DEs .I also have a fairly large rotation and try every razor I buy for at least one blade .I agree with your premise and share the same experience ,not sure that I'm doing myself a disservice as the skills seem to be transferable and I figure that the shaves are on a whole getting better .I have only been at this about a year (Aug 2014) and eventually I'll settle down to the razors I really like and that will be my permanent rotation ,it is the joy of trying new things and the ritual of shaving that counts for me . The quality of the shaves with whatever razor I use is fairly good and getting better and I'm not trying to perfect one technique or find the perfect razor nor am I chasing BBS. The thrill of the chase as they say


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Yohann, I do not use straight razors.  However, I do notice what you mention when going from DEs (which I use more frequently) to SEs.  Would I change my shaving rotation habits because of this?  No.  I enjoy the different feel of each razor, even between the same types.  Also, which blade I use can play a big part when switching from one razor to another, especially DE to SE because the dynamics of those two types of blades are quite different.

If you enjoy using your various razors then just accept that this is part of the whole shaving experience.  On the other hand, if this change-up bothers you more with some razors than others, you may want to "thin the herd" and you'll know which ones to cull from your rotation.

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I think this is why a lot of people eventually thin their herd. For me, I was on a kick with injectors for a while simply because it was very easy to find a good angle to shave with. the problem I found with most injectors is that they get clogged very easily and not being able to take the blade out to rinse it off like you can with DE & traditional SE razors really became an annoyance to me. I think at one point I had like 30-40 injectors..I'm down to probably 10-15 now, and will probably reduce that number even lower soon enough.

I think the same can be said for soaps & creams as well. I used to have an abundance of soaps in the den. I simply felt that creams were a lot easier for me to load so I liquidated almost every soap I had and now stick with creams or croaps.

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I use SE razors mostly and the aggressive DE razors that I prefer are very forgiving of angle, so I don't remember observing the effect when switching to them. In fact I just used my Muhle '11 R41 for the first time in months just the other day and the only thing I had to stress over and over was to use no pressure. The shave was great as were the next few that followed. I used the ER '24 this morning and again, no problem.
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Very interesting that you ask this question. I have been wondering the same thing since my initial interest in shaving with a DE razor. In fact I have committed to using 1 razor for my first year to learn exactly what it's limitations are. Good, bad, or indifferent, that is the approach I'm taking. I don't think that it's a disservice per say, I think it's just a different way to enjoy the shave.
Nice post Yohann. I think you're right on with your observation that there is some counter productivity in owning and using a wide assortment of razors. As many have stated above, to me, its the journey not the destination Smile
I definitely agree that we are better with the tools we use most often. I've been using my Mongoose exclusively for over a year now. I've also drastically reduced the number of soap brands I use while still enjoying a variety of soaps amongst those chosen brands.

It all depends on what the individual gets the most joy out of in regards to their shave. Some love variety & find monogamy to be a disservice to all the other quality razors out there.

I've been through the experimental phase, which is necessary to learn what works best for you. I happened to have a very small window of viable options that give me good & pleasureable shaves. I think you'll remember my results from that blind DE blade test of yours some years ago. For those that can get good shaves from many types of razors I can understand their enjoyment with changing things up. Still, if they were to stick with something long term I'm confident their level of shave enjoyment would reach new heights.

We all go through different phases & I think it best to just enjoy the phase you are in. When it's time to move on, you will know.

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Very thoughtful post Yohann- I tend more to Brian's perspective. I have been wetshaving for close to 11 years now and very much go by feel in-shave.

Being the case I almost "auto correct" for variances in effective blade angle etc. without really thinking about it too terribly much.

I also do enjoy a variety of razors but have my favorites for sure.

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