Hello all

Today for trade I'm offering a 3 ring finest. The brush was purchased new direct from Lee by me November 2015 and has been used sparingly since. The knot is lofted between 50-51mm and has a slight scrub no scratch. It does not have extreme hooked tips.

[Image: aa7f79562d279dc94056f637c413ea3e.jpg]

[Image: 5216a0b5a35456f014bc5ecb575c6da4.jpg]

[Image: 06961b6a4ea334190d6ad100a43f7b63.jpg]

In trade for brushes I'm looking for

Paladin Falstaff

Other M&F xl or stubby

Wiborg white badger in fan

Rooney block letter

As always thank you all for looking
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