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Last thirty hours we got two feet of snow... before that we got 1/2 inch of ice and freezing rain and then when the snow flew 45 MPH sustained winds.  Thousands in the state of SD are without power and when this melts I fear we may be like NE.....

This snow was so wet and heavy today moving it I, for the first time, got maximum push warnings on the skid loader and thats 10k-12k pounds....  thank god for the generator, the skid loader, the Polaris ranger, and cold beer....

Side note... we have been sheltered in place since WED... anyone who thinks they could survive in a bunker for years without going crazy is already delusional.... Smile

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Just be glad you don't live in the Sierras. Or maybe that is a good place to live, as the ski resorts will be open well into summer this year.


Hope you have snowshoes, cross-country skis, and restored power! And beer, plenty of beer, and plenty of shaving supplies too. Wink

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Philadelphia, PA
hate the snow, but like the fall, ending months of winter and early few weeks of spring. absolutely hate summer. winter has been very mild for us in Philly over the past few years. I doubt we got more than 15in of snow total, all winter long this year..

my buddy is up in NW Wisconsin and they've absolutely been getting pounded all winter.
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I was snowed in for part of the winter and I agree, going stir-crazy is a real thing. Best ammo is having lots of stuff to keep busy, like a charged Kindle with a lot of books, perhaps a tablet with some movies, stuff like that. Internet makes it a lot easier.

Even the days I could go out and do a little grocery shopping ended up being bliss.

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Virginia, USA
Wow! Sorry you are cooped up, but glad that you are safe and (I hope) warm.
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As someone who has been iced in and w/o power for over 5 days, it's not fun but it certainly is different. Yup, reading helps to pass the time, as does a short wave radio, and just doing what needs to be done to stay alive.
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