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A new month for new acquisitions. Smile

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new brush
[Image: FNfz8nQ.jpeg]

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[Image: nZ9emON.png]
Atelier DURDAN Vestige in +++

[Image: WKVHOaR.png]

Schick N - clean condition

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Wrong mail call. But it’s partially on me...
Wanted something meaningful to me to officially end my DFR, so I tried to hunt a bottle of the original (and sadly soon discontinued) Armani Black Code. While the phrase “It was a total different beast” is often abused when it comes to perfumery, this is indeed one of those case for real, its following reincarnation in Armani Code was just an insult.
So I found a little online store which was advertising it, even with old bottle pic. Of course I wrote them before placing my order, clearly explaining what I was looking for. And they positively answered back pretty soon.
The low price should have been enough warning sign itself, but I tried my luck anyway. And that’s what I found inside the box:
[Image: JE3zhS7.jpeg]Luckily they pronto admitted their mistake and refunded me - also paid for shipping back.
Sad, but I had to try

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Saint Petersburg . Russia
[Image: SGkAgEd.jpeg][Image: 7qwMHAI.jpeg][Image: 2Q11CoF.jpeg]

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28mm Cleo D8 and DG B15

[Image: cHdul0d.jpeg][Image: tLJVcPG.jpeg][Image: OcS03zS.jpeg]

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