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My dad finally retired and closed his barber shop. He had a handful of straight razors that he gave to me. Some he picked up and others were given to him. Is there anything special about any of these? Or any that are really worth keeping?


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Hey Mike,

The Otto Deutsch and the Wostenholm are good razors. The next two pics show razors that could also be pretty nice when they're restored/cleaned up. The others do have some wear, but may wind up being good user-grade razors.

I'd say that given that they were from his shop, I'd keep at least a couple of them. You could sell or give away the others.

Good luck.
- Yohann
I'm no expert on straight edge razors. In fact I know very little about them. But knowing your father was a barber and looking at the scales on all of them, I would say every one of them is special because they came from your father. My father used an electric razor his entire life, or at least for the portion of his life that I shared with him which was over 50 of his 80 years. All it took was his gift, more like a pif, of his Remington electric razor when I was a teen for me to seek out a better shave after about a week of trying to use that thing. A Bic disposable and a can of Noxema shave cream was better than that thing. I wish I had been able to inherit some classic wet shaving gear from my father. Looking at those pictures I would be proud to own any of those 7 straights. Very nice stuff. And 7 is a lucky number.

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