I own a good number of soaps and creams, and my soaps don' worry me that much, because they contain very little water to start out wiht, so drying them out over time is not that much of an issue.

However when it comes to creams, especially the softer ones like Trumpers, AOS, DR Harris, TOBS, Truefiit & Hill and so on, the drying of the cream over time is an issue for me.

I just took a glance at my DR Harris Arlington 150 gram pot of shaving cream, remembering I haven't used this cream since 2012, and it was totaly dried out, and I had to load it like I would a hard puck of soap.

The fun thing is that the scent is still there, and the lather it made was the same quality as the lather I got from it back in 2012.

On the other hand, the TOBS Jermyn Street cream I also bought in 2012, was not dried out lke the DR harris Arlington was, but it was still very solid and not creamy at all - and the lather I got from the Jermyn Street gave me a sub par head shave.

I own an extra freshes Jermyn Street cream from 2015, I will soon start to use instead.

Have any of you encountered these issues I have with shaving cream srying out ?

I store my creams away from heat and light, but my oldest cream are from 2012, and with the number of creams I own, I can't seem to use them fast enough to avoid some of them dry out in the long run.

I guess I will have to focus on soaps, and only buy the select few TOP TOP TOP performing creams, and forget about the rest.

Just love how Jermyn Street cream and Arlington cream smells - and YES ! I also own both these in the hard soap puck versions.........but still love to use a cream mixe with a soap for a superlather most of my shaves.

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Cheers, Claus from Denmark

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Claus, I have had creams in tubes that , if not used for a long time, solidified in the tube and had to be thrown out. I have slowly been moving over to soaps, especially artisans, where this isn't a problem.

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It is funny how they put those "use by date" on soaps and creams, but they don't really mean much.  You can still get a good lather out of them after several years.  Got to love regulations, lol....

I mostly use creams that are in tubs, not in tubes.  Tubes can be really tricky and dry out like Freddy mentioned.
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This is why I sell anything I don't use often. I figure if I ever miss it enough I can buy it again.

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Claus, it seems like you may have to relegate most of your creams to the shower if you want to go through them, quickly enough. Big Grin

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It is for this reason that I have a limit on the number of creams I will have in my rotation - 4 is my hard limit, but I'm aiming for 3.

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This is a good warning for me as well. I have a few tube creams and a few in jars (SJOL). I will not purchase anymore.

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(03-30-2016, 01:16 PM)SCShaver Wrote: This is a good warning for me as well.  I have a few tube creams and a few in jars (SJOL).  I will not purchase anymore.

I would think there is a very good lesson there for those who keep buying and buying ...Sad

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I only have one cream on hand, no point in having dozens or more for the above reasons.

But for the past few years, I have been using my soaps/creams from start to finish (3017). Right now, my tube of cream will only see use on travel and camping.

I never understood having 50-200 product rotations or collections.

I have had some cream samples (TOBS and DR Harris) drying out, but I can restore the original consistency with some drops of distilled water.
I have some almost-new tubs of TOBS and GFT that probably will dry out but, as you said, in the worst case I can load them as if they were soap.

Honestly, I'm more worried about spoilage for creams without preservatives (T&H no 10, SJOL)

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