Whoa these razors are gorgeous!

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Yep, have one in my collection!

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I realize this thread is 3 years old, but in case someone stumbles across it. First, I want to correct the idea that his blades are too angular/sharp. I spoke with him at length to get exactly what I wanted. I suggest you find one close to what you want in his website gallery, and then call him to make customizations. For example, while most of his blades shown are 8/8, I modified mine to a 7/8. You can also specify whether you want quarter hollow, full hollow, etc. You can also specify the cutting edge length. The one I chose was pictured with a Spanish blade. I had him round the sharp point on it. Max is extremely helpful and more than willing to work with you to get it just like you want.

Here is the one I chose and had customized.

Ron Grimes

[Image: 923459403.jpg]

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Max razors are really among the best you will find!

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I’m a fan of his work. Beautiful stuff.

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I considered having a razor made by Max for roughly a year. Dammit, why did I wait so long?  

I received my first, of what will become many, razors from Max.  All I can say is WOW!  Of course the piece is beautiful, this can be seen in a picture and yes he puts an incredible edge on the blade, shaves like a dream. What you can''t tell is how it feels in the hand.  Perfectly balanced, like an extension of your hand that has been there forever.

Thank you Max for such a flawless transaction, spirited and interesting conversation, and a razor that I look forward to owning/using for many years to come!  

[Image: aOfPkOH.jpg]

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Congratulations! It is definitely a coveted razor. Love mine. I would like to try a kamisori from Max. BTW, not sure how kamisori came to mean only the straight razors you don't fold up, since "kamisori" simply means "razor".


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Max Sprecher is on the site. Smile

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Very high end customs....well respected all over the World. Lots of others in the Custom market but he is the real deal. I have one of his and at least one of a dozen other Custom guys. He makes a real razor that would last generations if looked after.

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Never Heard of it! what is it?

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