This was just announced on social media. 

Anybody consider going? I’m planning on being there. It would be fun to meet people that we convene with on here in person. Leon the owner has been talking about having a Shave Meet since the Covid Lockdowns in NYC. So it’s finally happening.  I’ve only been to 2 Shave meet and they both were fun events. 

Here was their post. You go to the website to sign up. 

Hope to see some of you there. 

[Image: PY5IEQW.jpg]

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Chicago Suburbs
I will not be going to Pasteur's for the meet, but I have attended a meet at Maggard Razors. It was a wonderful experience. Thus, I highly recommend that anyone within driving distance of NYC consider going to the event. It should be a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow shavers, and various artisans. It is a wonderful way to fuel RAD. BAD, SAD, etc.

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I used to go to the meet ups at Pasteur's when I lived close and they were fun. Now I live on the other side of the country. Sad

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Hope lots of folk were able to attend the event... those who did will hopefully share pictures/ 1st hand experience of it. Sounds like a fun event.

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Meet and greets are all nice and all, but its just not a reality for most of us. First of all, I have no means to travel throughout the country, so thats off the table immediately for that reason alone. Secondly, Covid is still hanging around in parts of the country, I would never risk it. 

I did watch a video of one of the last meet and greets, I can't remember if it was Maggards or not, but it was the one where Matt from Razor Emporium was there, along with Kennsurfs. And let me just say, while Ken was great there, Matt made it cringe the entire time, just because of the way he is. Plus it didn't help that only one mic worked properly, while the other one sounded really weird. 

Maggards is an awesome store though, I recently purchased supplies from there, and they got shipped out and delivered faster then any of the other shaving retail stores, I really like the customer service from Maggards, top notch store IMHO!

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Would love to BUT it's a long way from the New Orleans area

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