What's out there this year?

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Off the top of my head, Barrister and Mann (www.barristerandmann.com) has -15% on everything, but that is ending today.

Route 66 (www.retroshaveshop.com) has a sale going on, at least on their soaps, and I believe they offer free shipping in the U.S. (not just on Fathers Day).

L&L Grooming (www.landlgrooming.com) has free shipping right now, if you use the promo code “FathersDay”.

And Chatillon Lux (www.chatillonlux.com) has an anniversary sale going on, I believe the promo code is “Anniversary”.

Might have seen some others, too, but cannot recall right now. Hopefully someone else can fill in if there are any other deals out there.

EDIT: Also, Van Yulay (www.vanyulay.com) is giving 20% off skin care items with the code “June 19”.

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