We went antiquing this past weekend. Saw some amazing stuff - more on that later.

My wife likes to use perfume bottles to hold fountain pen ink. She picked up two plus 2 bottles of Parker Quink Ink
[Image: phYYzNi.jpg]

The blue perfume bottle is holding the contents of the white capped Parker bottle. The hummingbird bottle was not filled for this pic.

Freddy sent us the winter edition of "Fountain Pen Journal" which just happened to have an article on Parker Quink.
[Image: x7R1FTl.jpg]

Based on the article the white capped bottle was from the 50s. I inked a pen with this and it writes like a charm. I put it in a pen that is a "hard starter" and it handles flawlessly.  Quink has a mystery compound called Solv-X. It is supposed to help clean and lubricate the pen plus promote quick drying. It certainly seems to do that.

The black capped bottle was never opened and came in the shown box. It is from the 80s or 90s. I have not tested this ink yet.

I am now a Quink fan and will look for it in other colors.

Now for the "most interesting item in an antique store" category - the winner is a 10 foot Elvis face!!
[Image: 8BKjWOl.jpg]

That is ML in the right hand side of the pic for a size reference.

So a successful and fun day.


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Wow, I guess that was a perfect time to send the journal. Smile I only have one bottle of black Quink but it is modern, purchased last year at the L.A. Pen Show.

That has to be one of the weirdest Elvis "objects" I have ever seen. LOL

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You didn't mention if you bought Elvis .........

Careful, man, there's a beverage here! - The Dude

Thanks for the idea for ink.

I'll look for a bottle for my dark red ink which is in a small plastic bottle.

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(03-18-2016, 02:13 AM)wingdo Wrote: You didn't mention if you bought Elvis .........

Thanks for the set up........
Elvis has NOT left the building. Smile

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