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All Hail The Return of Immortal Peach! [Also Outdoorsman's Friend & Tick Off Are Back Too!!!!]

Scent Profile: Close your eyes now and imagine the shiny, golden, juice-dripping slices of a ripen peach! Our most recent version of this classic captures just that and then some; beautifully rounded, sparkling, and even more invigorating than our previous renditions.

New & Improved? [From 2019]

After 6 years of Immortal Peach I decided, as I do, to take another hard look at the scent composition. I chose to rework it, apply any new knowledge gleaned over the years and shoot to make it, well...better!

This time around I figured I would not only source a better, purer peach fragrance but also use a Peach Lactone, Aldehyde C14! My oh my what a whole new level of depth did this "juice" add! That said, Immortal Peach 2019 is really something magical!

The Artwork, The Color

Man, have we had some fun with this one over the years and this year ain't no different! For 2019 I wanted to emphasize the shape, size and boldness of the scent and I think we succeeded in that, no?

Aside from the label, the art extends past that into the actual hue of color I chose to add to the splash using natural red sandalwood (red) and annato seeds (yellow)! (Fear not, red sandalwood and annato is scentless.) There was a bit of trial and error in this process trying to really nail a peach color but I believe we pulled it off quite well! You know me, I can never just stop at the scent!

Enjoy a killer, close shave with that delicious Peach kick, IMMORTAL PEACH!

http://shor.by/ByTh  [Please Share!]

"Try Something Different, Phoenix Shaving!"
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