Sydney, Australia
Been wanting to make my own brush handle for a while, finally got around to doing it and wanted to share:

[Image: j0MDuQal.jpg]
[Image: MnkhWJhl.jpg]

As you can probably tell from the picture it's perfectly useable but a bit rough (only have a metal lathe, not a wood one) I just wanted to see how the basic shape and features would work before I did it in something more expensive than delrin.  And it's a good thing I did, the next revision will probably have:

* A thinner lower body section
* Thinner and longer waist
* A longer top section
* Shallower grooves, grip is excellent but they're a tad uncomfortable.  Might space them a bit further apart as well.

But at least I'm not going to waste a perfectly good knot, even if it's only a 20 mm Ace Shaving silvertip:

[Image: BHP1SgKl.jpg]

With the right collar around the plug this handle can hold anything up to a 26 mm knot.  It's probably not worth the effort even for a nice acrylic handle, but if my original plan of a Ti handle goes through... well, that stuff isn't cheap!

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Austin, TX
Hard to believe that is the first handle you have turned- very well done. Curious about the design as it is very unique- looking good!

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Sydney, Australia
Thanks kwsher!  I suppose I should say that while it's my first handle I've had a lathe and a mill for about 5 years now, so to be honest it's not that impressive.

The design was more brought about by my equipment limitations. I can't easily do the curves you see on a lot of the custom handles you see out there, but I figured I should take full advantage of my mill to make the angled grooves on the top half. Broke up the straight lines nicely if I may say so myself.

The lower half needs something different though, but I'm not sure what...

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Null, that is a very impressive first effort!  While you are the one holding it and know its limitations, I must say that I love the look of that handle.  I shall look forward to any progress/improvements you make. Happy2

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South Saint Louis, MO
If that's your first one, then I can't wait to see what they look like after you get a few under your belt! Great work

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That is a wonderful looking handle! If you do not mind, where did you get the collar for holding the knot? I was looking for something similar for a handle I am carving.


Metro Detroit
That handle looks great! I see it as a kind of light sabre type of handle.

Sydney, Australia
Thanks all! Will probably make the next one after a while more using this one, but I'll definitely post it up when I do.

momor, unfortunately I can't be of much help, the collar was also made by me.
Alas, my hunt continues...
That's a very nice looking handle.

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