That's right, I don't believe it either.  I never try for a BBS, probably because my wife and I had our third date about 35 years ago.  As the forum name states, a DFS is fine with me.

But today my usual two-pass DFS was expanded to a BBS - virtually no beard feeling when I run my hand against the grain.

I don't know how, but here's the setup - Gillette Red Tip with a Personna Lab Blue blade and Tabac soap.  Whenever I get to use the Red Tip I have to repeat to myself that it is an undervalued gem.  Youse guys gotta get one, fugedaboutit.

Oh, and to my fellow wet-shavers, have a great, peaceful and safe Thanksgiving.

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The same Thanksgiving Day wishes to you also Ted.

I think it's a mistake to chase a BBS. But just select the right gear and use the proper technique and they just happen accidentally as yours did. :-) I'm glad to hear it.

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Well done! I typically do a 3 pass shave during the week (sometimes 2 if pressed for time) but on the weekends I indulge and take a leisurely walk in the park with a 4 pass. Not really chasing a BBS but typically get there or close.

More about that zen state of a long shave in a steamy bathroom. Love it.

Congrats Ted!

To me, seeking a daily BBS is a lot of the fun. I don't like feeling stubble anytime, except when I wake up ready for a new shave. Competing with my own technique, and comparing both software and hardware tools in achieving my goal, fires me up. It's not about the look, it's about the face feel. This is my own private Idaho of weirdness.
Teddy, I'm really trying to get there with my Red Tip. It's just not working for me. I get really good, comfortable shaves; but, DFS is about as good as it gets. I just cannot get BBS close with the Red Tip. I'm gonna give it another couple weeks and a couple different blade choices. If I can't figure out by then, the Red Tips are going on BST. I just get closer shaves with the same effort from the NEW LC and EJ89. I absolutely love the look and feel of the Red Tip and I love the comfort it provides.
Congrats on figuring it out.


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