Ohio USA
Just finished an Amboyna Burl Handle with Bright Yellow resin fill for a great customer. First of my new emblems placed in the bottom. All new handles will have this metal medallion. I have more of this burl for 3 more handles, but the voids and crevices are varying so can't exactly duplicate another like this. All one of a kind. Thanks for taking a look, and will be announcing something in the very near future about Knothead Brush Works.
If anyone is interested in me making a handle from this wood, let me know.
[Image: ez17yQM.jpg?1][Image: a95ryrh.jpg?1][Image: b7JZvyX.jpg?1][Image: v3B9cmT.jpg?1][Image: ar39viS.jpg?1][Image: 07uxSh4.jpg?1]

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