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One thing i've learned: the guy who loves ________ razor, _________ blade, ________ soap might hate the razor, blades, and soap you like. Every face is different. Sometimes there's a consensus. And I pay attention but make my own evaluation.

Recently I was given an Ambassador. And I bought an Osprey.

I believe that to give a new razor a fair shake you have to use it every shave for at least fourteen days. Thirty is better. I've been wet shaving for over twenty years so I'm giving myself leeway.

Both are beautifully made. I agree with the consensus: the Ambassador is harsh on any setting above 3. And I often use a straight. So I'm used to lots of blade feel. But the thinness of a DE blade makes the difference. I get BBS shaves with the Ambassador. And I like the higher settings for the areas where the hairs tend to avoid the blade. But I also get lots of weepers. I hope I'll learn to love the Ambassador. It's a great piece of kit.

I'm a fan of Blackland and Shane. I have the Blackbird, the Vector, and the one they discontinued because people found it too aggressive, and the name of which I can't remember. I hadn't planned to add the Osprey. But I did. And it's magnificent. Hard to compare to the Ambassador as the blade feel is minimal. If I had to pick one it would be the Osprey all day. This is one man's opinion. It might not be yours. I'm just grateful to own two wonderful shavers.

Bottom line. If you like a LOT of blade feel and you find the Futur child's play, consider the Rex. If you prefer a milder shave and you want a beautifully-made adjustable, go with Osprey.

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I’m also a huge fan of Blackland and agree with you in regards to your comparison and evaluation. The Osprey clamps the blade much better thus rendering a smoother shave. The Ambassador in my opinion looks the nicest among all the Gibbs type adjustable razors, however it doesn’t shave as good as the original. Function is more important than form. The Blackland razor that’s been discontinued is the Dart.

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I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the Osprey!

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