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Fascinating. Though as the researcher points out, it is hard to generate sympathy for a cockroach.

I remember reading a Reader's Digest article on cockroaches in the 70s. They have pressure transducers on the surface of their body.
These transducers are wired directly to their legs. When you try to squash one underfoot the sole of your shoe sends an airwave ahead of it.
The bugs transducers sense the pressure differential caused by the airwave and their legs immediately start moving causing them to scurry out of danger. No thought process, no reaction time - just move!


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nasty little things they are. we have an interior french drain in our basement that runs the entire perimeter of our foundation and it's like a watering hole for house centipedes (equally as nasty) and cockroaches.
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Amazing and that scientist is even more so in studying all of those creatures. Smile
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