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I stopped into a local pharmacy called ZMC today for some small items.  They carry a decent selection of shaving gear, too, so I like to see what's new.  I've been admiring a four piece Merkur Futur set there for quite some time, but today I noticed that the razor was gone.  I asked about it, and the owner said someone stole the razor, leaving the brush, bowl and stand.  It's a shame because they used to let people handle the merchandise, and now they've had to change the display to avoid that.  
Well, I asked if he would sell the rest of the set on its own, since I already have the razor (not the missing one from this set! Smile ).  He said sure and gave me an amazing deal that I could not refuse!  I am so happy to own this set now - Gort would be proud!

I did a test lather with the brush, and that little bowl seems to really bloom the scent quite nicely!  I've been a face latherer for a long time, I guess I need to get back to bowl lathering!
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ZMC? Where is that? I've never heard of it.
- Jeff

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It's in Royal Oak on Main Street just north of Holiday Market.

Oh ok. Thanks! I will definitely have to check it out!

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- Jeff

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Me too.

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It saddens me to hear that the razor was stolen - it can't have been a wet shaver as they're all such decent chaps. I suspect it was a dedicated multi-blade cartridge shaver trying to remove a DE razor from circulation.

Metro Detroit
Maybe so.
Even though they lost the value of that razor, they've got my business for life. It should only take a few months for me to spend $100 in there.

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