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<Already Spoken for> THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!!
Nicely figured Cottonwood Burl shaving handle drilled for 24mm knot (22mm will also fit)  Knot in photo not included. Actual drill size 25mm. Height 2 ½", Diameter 1 ⅜". drill depth ⅝". Stabilized with "Sky Blue" resin (hardly evident in the handle).  

[Image: aLIrUxY.jpg?1][Image: bAWFDHZ.jpg?1][Image: matoN6Z.jpg?1][Image: jCz7yEs.jpg?1][Image: kJGmCzd.jpg?2][Image: C8nBfkp.jpg?1]

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That's gorgeous. Nice work.

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that's a real beauty!

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