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We had a wet sticky snow fall around 5 pm today.
It stuck to the trees and ground. The snow stopped and the setting sun peaked under the clouds and light up the mountains behind us.
[Image: rHxH8gK.jpg]

It was spectacular and ML took some photos. 

Me on the deck with Toby and a lit up mountain behind me.
[Image: SY982aJ.jpg]

This is Foxy enjoying the snow with the moumtain aglow.
[Image: r0MG9js.jpg]

I am blessed and humbled to have such beauty right outside my window.

Feel free to throw rhat back at me next time I complain about the snow Smile

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Lovely! Smile

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Very nice!

I love those few minutes right before the sun sets where the trees are lit by "warm" magic light and the maximum side angle for maximum definition. Similar to your alpenglow. Beautiful lighting for photography or just seeing and knowing that one is alive and part of something bigger.

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Mother nature can be extremely harsh at times but then, every once in a while, she can touch us with a gentle hand. Happy2

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