Milwaukee, WI
Here are a few pictures of my den..yes, my wife and everyone else think I'm crazy. Probably why I spend time on forums like this, where this might seem normal.. Smile

[Image: 07BziUi.jpg]

[Image: 7mNDYKJ.jpg]

[Image: pGieYzu.jpg]

[Image: xpuFCzg.jpg]

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Amazing, Greg! Beautifully laid out, too. Smile
I like the Oscar Meyer pan flute!

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Milwaukee, WI
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(08-14-2015, 11:19 PM)Dslack3 Wrote: I like the Oscar Meyer pan flute!

Funny that you noticed that. My Mom found that for me when she was rummaging for more razors for me. Could be rare?!

(08-14-2015, 09:21 PM)Freddy Wrote: Amazing, Greg!  Beautifully laid out, too. Smile

Thank you.


South Saint Louis, MO
Love the Oscar Meyer wiener whistle! Oh, and also the jaw dropping collection. That, too.

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Nicely organized, too!
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Love the Simpsons stand!

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Wow, nice!

Philadelphia, PA
I love the simpsons stand as well.
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Great collection you have there Greg. I need one of those homer/bart figures
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