Where can i get my hands on some alcohol denat ??

I would like to make my own aftershave splash.

Also, how much would i need to add to a mixture of witch hazel, aloe ect.

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Personally, I would not use denatured alcohol. Denatured is a euphemism for poisoned - the alcohol is contaminated (often with various forms of paint thinner) to make it unsuitable for consumption but still fine for use as a solvent or fuel. This bypasses restrictions and taxes on the sale of beverage alcohol.

Cheap vodka, white rum, white whiskey (legal moonshine) or pure grain ethanol (190 proof) from the liquor store would be a better choice IMHO.

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Use Everclear or perfumer's alcohol (SD-40B).

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We always used denatured alcohol on our tractor trailers. There was a reservoir for it. It helped remove moisture from the air system so the brake system could operate normally. Something about that skull and crossbones on the front never inspired me to mix it with anything and splash it on my face.

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