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I shaved with a new to me Aluminum Mongoose and got a spectacular shave. It has me considering letting go of my ATT set to acquire a new SE. At the moment I'm hoping for one of the Cobra's from Classic Shaving or the One Blade. However, the cost of the One Blade gives me pause despite the hype. What else should I consider? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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Don't let go of the ATT, you might regret it later.
As for SEs there are tons. 1912, 1914, 1924 from Gem or Every Ready that can use Gem blades. Lots on offer pretty cheap at eBay. There are also lather catchers, Clog Pruf, Micromatics, G-bar... that can take Gem blades.
Then there are Schick Injectors, PAL Injectors, and adjustable injectors.

It's a deep, dark rabbit-hole...

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Just had my first Mongoose shave this morning (I grabbed the stainless steel version from Maggard's), since my two Schick injectors have recently turned me on to SE shaving as well. The Mongoose I can tell is going to take a bit of learning, but I'm optimistic. That said, my two injectors (an E-2 and an I-2 "Hydromagic") are great: smooth, efficient, and almost never any irritation or weepers. They're light and nimble, and I feel like I can just cruise them all over my face without worry. Given how inexpensive a vintage injector can be, and that new Schick injector blades are easy to get, trying injectors is a no-brainer.

Meantime, I hear you on the temptation and hesitation with the OneBlade. I gave in and ordered one this week, after spending a lot of time reading reviews, journals, and accounts from fellow wet shaving nerds. Sure there were a few who didn't like it, but vast majority of reports were very, very positive. OneBlade offers a 30-day return period so you can try the razor without much risk. That helped convince me to give it a go.

I'm sure others here will have more insight for you, too!
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More and more interest and support for SE, these days. As this board and the SE interest grows, I can forsee the day when DFS might have a DE and a SE subforum under the "Safety Razor" forum like B&B has done. Too new to the wet shaving boards to know, but did B&B do it from the outset or did they do it in response to the need for separation?
Does Mean I Must Buy High End Shaving Gear?

Love my GEM razors! Smile I have 3, the G-Bar is my top of the three but they all work very well regardless. Now I have an interest in trying injectors and I bought one from andrewjs18 so I'm looking forward to that Big Grin Will SE razor replace my DE ones? No, I like them all for different reasons, but the SE razors offer another layer to my shaving routine that helps keep things interesting with every shave Big Grin

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Happy to hear that the Goose is working well! I'd vote for the mentioned One Blade and King Cobra. I could be happy using those 2 as my only razors.

My current favorite vintage SE razors are the 1914 and Clog Pruf.

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I echo the vintage SE razor suggestion. Long before the current crop of modern SE razors we had vintage. Many of us have never moved on in fact.
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Before dropping big money on a razor blade delivery system, why not find out if you even like the blade at all in a much more affordable razor blade delivery system.

In other words, vintage SE before OneBlade. Cobra when you get the chance since you already have an idea of how those blades work.

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Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!
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Thanks! Now I just need some insight into which vintage SE razors to acquire. I may wait on the One Blade until/if they offer the 35% off as they did around the Holidays.

Edit - of course, if I can trade for a One Blade I'd certainly pull the trigger!

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There's a lot to like about SE shaving, for sure. I'm far from knowledgable about vintage SE razors, but I kept seeing a few recommended to start: the GEM 1912, 1914, and Open Comb Micromatic (OCMM). I ended up grabbing a nifty-looking 1912 from eBay recently, though I haven't had a chance to shave with it yet. Here it is next to, well, the new hotness born from its legacy:

[Image: EkyXrj2.jpg]

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