Looking for an Adjustable Razor. Deciding between the Merkur Progress, Parker Variant OC, and the Pearl Flexi OC or is it worth the significant extra money to go for a Rex Ambassador or Blackland Osprey?
I had a Rex Ambassador for a time, and can attest to the quality of the razor. If you like blade feel, this is a razor you may enjoy. I liked it, but didn't love it, so I sold it. I was curious to try the Flexi and recently purchased their open comb version. The Flexi OC to me is more uncomfortable than the Rex. (I also tried the Heritage Gibbs replica, and it did not agree with me either. I have come to learn that I am just not compatible with Gibbs-inspired razors.  Smile )

The Progress was my first adjustable, and I very much like the Progress (FWIW, it is the favorite of my college-age son who introduced me to gentlemanly shaving). For me it is a tad more efficient at the high settings than the Ambassador. As the Variant SB is a close copy of the Progress, I never tried it. The Variant OC got my attention, and to me it is even smoother than the Progress. I would now recommend the Variant OC over the Progress for smoothness and comfort.

No experience with the Osprey. However, I am a big fan of the SS Blackbird; it is one of my most used razors. Based on what I have read, if you have the dough, the Osprey would be a safe bet and a very enjoyable razor.
Thanks for the response.

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If it's your first adjustable, you don't want to jump in the deep end right away.

I would recommend the Heritage Collection Replica of the Gibbs 15 Adjustable Razor.
It won't break the bank and it shaves well. Can be had for under $60


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What are you trying to accomplish in purchasing an adjustable razor?

I have a Parker Variant and use it occasionally, but after the first few uses, I have never moved the adjustment again. I much prefer razors with multiple base plates such as Rockwell and Karve that allow you to swap base plates to find your preferred level of efficiency. I do not have a Rockwell, but do have Karve CB razors with C, D, and E plates. With an adjustable mechanism, there is always the possibility that the cap and baseplate will not remain parallel as the adjustment is changed. That is not an issue with replaceable baseplates if they are machined properly.

If it is your intention to vary the setting on the adjustable razor with each pass of your shave, then it might be helpful. But I accomplish the same thing using multiple razors during my shave.
Thanks for the reply. Just looking for something that I can adjust on the fly. Don’t want to change plates in the middle of the shave.

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I looked at the Heritage site and they don’t seem to have any razors available.

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(03-10-2024, 06:47 PM)StephenG Wrote: I looked at the Heritage site and they don’t seem to have any razors available.

Doesn't say out of stock anywhere....I was able to add a razor to the cart.
Maybe send them an email to check
I was also able to add to cart but couldn’t check out. I just sent an email and we will see what happens. The Gibbs seems like a good option.

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Then it probably is sold out...those guys don't have a very responsive site.

You could get one quite easily for even a bit less by posting a Want to Buy ad here

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