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Hi folks I’m curious what kind of technique you used around this particular area, since is my Achilles’ tendon I would like to hear your experience (if Adam’s apple apply to you).
For me is easier when I shave with a Straight razor than when I shave with DE or SE (I can maneuver more easily around the area).
I usually stretch my skin on different ways but still not enough to get a “SMOOTH” feeling pass.
So I need a little help more towards DE/SE use.
Anyways let me know your thoughts.
Happy Friday

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My technique around this area is "careful". That isn't really meant to be funny though. I have nicked myself on my adam's apple a few times so I always slow down when I get close to it. I also make sure to pay close attention to zero pressure. I also don't go directly over it. I kind of come at it from the sides and skirt around it. That's the best way I can describe my approach. Interested to hear what other's have to say.
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Either stretch the skin to the side(s), or hold your swallow while shaving there. Smile

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Mine's not too hard to shave. I often come at it from different angles, and sometimes at a slant, as well.

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Swallow and stretch simultaneously
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