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I currently am on shave #27 with my Vector using a Schick Proline blade with no pulling. Blade appears still sharp with each shave. After every shave I remove the blade and clean it. I then palm strop it 10x and flip it for the next shave. I am amazed at the number of shaves I’m getting off this blade. What’s your experience been with your AC blades. I’ve used Feather Pro and Super AC, KAI Captain and Kai Pinks and have never been able to get beyond 8 or 9 shaves before experiencing pulling and tugging during a shave. Is your experience similar? Just wondering?

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Jeff, I think you get amazing longevity from all of your AC blades. I can usually get a week's worth of shaves from the Schick Prolines (my favorite) and Feather Pros without tugging. The others are a bit iffy for a full week.

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