Our new location is unusual for snow fall. There do not (or at least as of yet) appear to be snow events of appreciable inches. It just seems to snow  a couple of inches each day. Pretty soon there is quite the accumulation. I have had to plow 5 times this year but it never snowed more than 4 inches at any one 24 hour period.

It does make the landscape pretty. We enjoyed this view while breakfasting on apple muffins and yogurt parfaits.
[Image: OJmTVO7.jpg]

We decided to take a walk around the yard to enjoy the view and give the dogs (and me) some exercise.
I like this picture through the ancient apple trees.
[Image: vxoJn49.jpg]

This is Foxy enjoying the walk.
[Image: QrHdEAd.jpg]

ML  on the bridge over our little stream.
[Image: epmPCrc.jpg]

Me in the back, back yard
[Image: wypAmZ7.jpg]

Toby needs a coat to stay warm but he loves the snow.
[Image: iSM4ayS.jpg]

A lovely brisk walk on a lovely winters day. Invigorating!!

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Beautiful, Phil.

Thanks Freddy.

Forgot to mention ML took the pics except the one she is in.

Here is a pic she took that I really like. That is an almost full moon at 5 in the evening.
[Image: 8dbCg2I.jpg]

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Beautiful indeed. But I don't envy you the snow plowing and shoveling.

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Central Maine

We're having the same sort of snowstorms this year also. Except we've been having even less snow than you. I plowed once out of boredom. Now after the latest weather most of our snow is gone. Since '80, this is the latest that I can remember with virtually no snow. I hope it stays this way (snow free) through to warmer weather. I don't miss not plowing and blowing snow even a little bit. A few more days of warm air coming up from the south would be welcome too. We have used very little wood. I don't light the wood stove unless we have most of a day with temps near or below 20°F and we've had very few of those. But we need another delivery of fuel oil. If this weather keeps up we'll be empty by spring. So it's time to get it now when everything is clear and easy to get to. Of course our weather can change in a heartbeat and we can get buried in the white stuff.

Stay warm Phil!

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