Thought I’d share these photos and some thoughts on this soon to be release ( made a big batch today BTW )

It’s time again to remember an old shaving fiend that was a good man,husband , Father and Grandfather. Mark known as ShaveMD on the Shaving Forums was a great wet shaving enthusiast and missed very much. He passed way to soon and a big loss to this community. There’s still quite a few of the threads that he started still active now including the one he started over in Soaps and Creams. This was my tribute shave soap to him I did shortly after he passed as I had made him one about 4 months before he left us. So this is not only tribute to him for all his contributions to this hobby of ours but for all they years we were best shaving buddies.  Well  it’s time to bring it back as I’m not going to let his legacy fade away! As you’ll see in one of the photos there’s mention of a 7pm Shave and that was usually Marks time to shave as he had to be at the hospital at 4am so he would hit the sack around 8:30 pm. 7 pm was also a special time because all during the lock down when Covid had us all indoors Mark knew that I lived alone and he would call shortly before his night shave every night  just to check up on me to see if I was ok. So a special person and special friend.

This newest version is in the new F Base and the Aroma Blend  consists of Organic Sicilian Lemon and Lime Essential oils along with Ginger Essential oil and a touch of Spearmint Essential Oil to brighten it up a bit.  Mark called it “ Ginger Ale “ and its a refreshing clean citrus Aroma blend with a special sparkle to it.  Of course theirs a matching Skin Food Splash. The Shave Soap will come in 2 sizes this time a 7.5 oz which is exclusive to the ETHOS website and the 4.5 oz which will be available at my vendors as well as my website. Hope all is well wherever your spirt flys my brother we won’t let anyone forget ya Buddy! That I promise.

Thank you all for your support

[Image: UVzE01L.jpg]

[Image: FrX2pxC.jpg]

[Image: gSHhTze.jpg]

[Image: L2xtAdD.jpg]

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