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Let us be the first to wish you all a Happy St. Paddy's Day Shave Cadets!

[Image: I8J7kOO.jpeg]

With that out of the way, HEADS UP, Irish Coffee Is Back! It's been a little while since we offered this lost classic and thought it might be time, of course the endless posts, emails and PMs helped persuade us as well! Wink

NEW RE-Re-Re- Release calls for a new label too! That said, the first 50 Bundles contain a NEW, Linited Edition, Collectible, Holographic Label!

Scent Profile: Coffee, Cream Liquor, Vanilla, Benzoin, A dash of Butterscotch & Irish Whiskey! Available through the month of March!

OH, and note this is the First Year We Will Offer A Matching Deodorant too!!!

So to you fine folk and shave cadets we raise our mug of Irish Coffee, "Sláinte!

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"Getting You In A Lather Since 2012, Phoenix Shaving!"

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