Arizona, USA
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A Phoenix Shaving Classic, Harvest Moon!

Scent Profile: Oud (Agarwood), Green Tobacco, Black Currant, Tobacco Absolute, Hay Absolute, Peru Balsam, Smoke, Spanish Moss, White Sage.

This my friends is one of our early epic scents that really put us on the map and set the pace for what we are known for today in regards to adventurous scent experimentations that just work!

Part 3 of our first soap trilogy and oh so epic in every way. So much so, we drove all the way to Roswell, NM to release it so many years back (for real)! If you do not own Harvest Moon yet, you are missing out!

Did I mention its now available in both CK1 & CK6? Happy Sweater Weather my Friends!

Try Something Different ~ Phoenix Shaving


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