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Much has been written about Simpson brushes. For me, their "super" knots are exceptional. The brushes listed here are all in "super" badger and among my favorites in the Simpson lineup. I need to pass them on to help pay for some brushes I have wanted for a long time. All three brushes are relatively new and used about seven or eight times. The price includes U.S. shipping. Paypal is fine. No trades, please.

1.  Simpson Emperor 3. This is a small brush, a 21mm knot with modest density and backbone. The handle is tall and quite ergonomic. If you want a brush that gives you controlled lather, the Emperor 3 is your baby. New, the brush is $172. Your price is $120 $100  $85 SOLD

2.  Simpson Persian Jar 2 is a honey to use. A 22 mm knot of medium density and backbone combined with a sexy handle makes for a most comfortable shaving brush to use. Soaps, creams, no problem for this brush. New, the brush costs $162. Your price is $110  $100  SOLD

3.  Simpson Tulip 3 is the most popular of the Tulip series. The knot is 23mm, with medium density and backbone, and the handle a joy to hold. This brush lathers beautifully and is sweet on the face. New, the brush costs $192. Your price is $130. SOLD

[Image: Co2qdhZ.jpg]
[Image: zGJSo2y.jpg]
[Image: 0j4FyhM.jpg]
The Tulip 3 is sold. The Emperor 3 and the Persian Jar 2 are still available.
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I have reduced the price on the Simpson Emperor 3 super badger. Don't let the small knot fool you. This is a sweet brush, and at a bargain price, too — $100.

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