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I just shaved with a newly acquired V2 Occam's Razor.  I can easily see a comparison with the OneBlade, and particularly with the V2 OneBlade.
Both razors hold the blade loosely in their vice, both razors are practically foolproof, and both razors provide a very good shave for a mild razor.
The OneBlade has a pivot; Occam's Razor does not.  The OneBlade uses short-lived FHS-10 blades; Occam's Razor uses long-lived AC-SE blades.
The OneBlade weighs 90 grams; Occam's Razor weighs 49 grams.  The OneBlade costs $399 retail, the Occam's Razor costs $69 retail.
Both razors are weak at shaving the mustache area, but I wear a mustache so that weakness doesn't matter to me.  Both razors are made in China.
I use a Feather AC Pro in my Occam's Razor, and a de-spined Gem in my (V1) OneBlade.  FHS-10 blades are both too weak and too expensive.
So is the Occam's Razor a poor mans OneBlade?  In many ways yes.  To me they both shave very similarly, but YMMV.

[Image: fUO7DQT.jpg][Image: U5nMVCA.jpg]

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From a cost perspective Occam is actually cheaper and I though have not used it I do have experience with SE blades. For my sensitive skin, OB is a killer, expensive though. FHS is a short lived blade but the shaves are amazingly smooth and comfortable.

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De-spine a gem blade for my one blade razor. Probably the best razor out there for me.

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The Oneblades blade looks to be curved ... or am I seeing things?

Did not know that OneBlade is manufactured in China!?

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Suum cuique

It does have a curve in the pic above... Is the blade loaded properly?

Seattle, WA (USA)
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(06-01-2019, 04:57 AM)muzichead Wrote: It does have a curve in the pic above... Is the blade loaded properly?

It's a de-spined Gem blade, and doesn't set as straight as a Feather.  It doesn't affect the shave.  
I still get more and better shaves from a de-spined Gem than from a Feather FHS-10.

Perhaps if I clipped the Gem blade as well as de-spined it it wouldn't smile, but I'm just too lazy.

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Thanks for this thread draebeard.  Perhaps I should dig out my Occam V1 and give it serious shot, but I am not sure if I will.  Personally, I prefer the shorter FHS-10 or GEM blades to the AC format, other things being equal.  I also think GEM PTFE blades are as good as any blade ever, and I have often used them in my V2 Genesis (despined and clipped).  But the FHS-10 is also superb for me, although embarrassingly shorter lasting than a GEM.
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lose for the mustache area, that would be no for me... anyhow they both look quite good... 10/10 on design perspective!
Nice review. Thanks!

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