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It's back folks, Garden of Bali 2.0! A Phoenix Summertime Original Classic!!!
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Scent Profile: Flighty top notes of lime, lemon, grapefruit, orange, orange blossom and sea salt. Middle notes of ambergris, seaweed and ozone. Base notes of amber, moss, benzoin, Cedar and bamboo.

Within the first week of discontinuing this magical scent years back the hate mail began. It was clear a small following around "Bali" had begun. Fran and I would jokingly refer to the write in campaign as "missives of the Cult of Bali". The thing is, the demand and enthusiasm for "GOB" never really died out. The only real reason we discontinued it was to make room for some new scents. *Curse of the small artisan.

It is always a great pleasure to return to an old fave and add something new or remove something that never really worked, though not realized at the time. It's only natural that we have grown as artisans and gotten better at our craft, and that is essentially what these seasonal reboots are all about; another chance to really get it right. After all, we owe it to our original blends from yesteryear considering they got us where we are now!

If you were a fan of Garden of Bali before, you are going to really love our latest (2020) rendition and treatment of the accord. Do not be led astray by all the citrus notes in the top of the fragrance, though it is a refreshing, immediate burst, the shape completely begins to twist and turn in on itself. Somewhere in between the ocean and the natural bamboo wall of the orange blossoming jungle your nose is beachcombing; Barefoot and sifting through driftwood, seaweed, cedar, citrus and sand. This is a warm, exotic and curious summer scent...but you'll wear it all year I know!

"Try Something Different, Phoenix Shaving!"


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