Hey all, 
With thousands of reviews, our fragrances definitely hit the mark for an avid wet shaver. But we wanted to know what the ladies thought!

So, my colleague, Pauleen and I rose to the SNIFF challenge to sniff the Fine fragrances for the very first time and share our reactions. Check out what we thought in this full-length video below!! 

A Lady's Perspective on FINE scents


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Thanks for sharing this. It was interesting to hear both of your perspectives on the scents.

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Sexist peer pressure does not sell in this market place. I like what I like.

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Although I can’t read the article as I’m not in Facebook, I’m not sure I’d call market intelligence as to what sorts of fragrances women like to be “sexist” MountainBear While I also fall into the I like what I like camp, there are times when I will intentionally wear something I know my wife likes. To be fair, I’ll never wear something my wife likes if I dislike it. I’m sure there are plenty of men out there who appreciate a little insight into that age old mystery of what do women like.

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Pretty cool
Thanks. The video was very insightful.

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