I've been picking up vintage razors here and there for almost ten years. In order to keep my buying under control, I generally only buy if it's a deal.

[Image: 8f4XPIY.jpg]

[Image: tVyIEZy.jpg]

[Image: hfCNaEt.jpg]
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Wow! Very nice collection. I'm going to have to read that part of your post about 'only buying if it's a deal' over a few times until it sinks in! Good advice!
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That's a fantastic collection.
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Thank you all. I am looking pretty much all the time and some cool stuff turns up. Like (off the top of my head) a factory nickel Gillette short comb with bar handle, a Tally Ho "Sabre Pointe" blade, two minty Psychos and a good key for $50, a couple of early 1800s straights. It's always fun to find something nice.

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Great collection!

What is your preference in shave method? Straight, DE, or ....?
Have a nice day!
Usually DE. Right now I'm using a Mongoose.
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Great collection, thanks for sharing.

You obviously have found a lot of great deals! ;-)
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Very nice array of beautiful vintage.
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