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Hello fellow shavers,
    I have  a dilemma.  I realized almost all my soaps are earthy or heavy.  The closest to being bright or fruity is Cella and while it is OK, It is not on par with the artisan soap I have been buying lately (once you go Barrister & Mann, PAA, And Catie's Bubbles, it is hard to go back to just... pretty good).  I need a change in direction.  I need something light and fun.  Powerful in scent strength as well to give it the needed umph for the day.  Something to brighten my day.  
Does anyone have any suggestions

Los Angeles
Do you like sweet citrusy scents or more on the bitter side?

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If you want a nice crisp summer cream you cant go wrong with TOBS Grapefruit. I still enjoy all my TOBS creams and this one is great for summer.

If you want some good summer B&M soaps I recently tried samples of Solarian and Adagio, I will be buying tubs of both. There is some citrus at play in these but I would call them crisp summer scents. Ferox is more citrusy to me than the other two I mentioned and another B&M that everyone should try. Recently release Latha Lemon, haven't tried it yet but well priced and lemon.

Razorock Don Marco is a great citrus soap and at $6.99 the price cannot be beat.

Dr. Jon's Hydra is on the list and is a smorgasbord of citrus and I hope to get some soon.

I have Shaver's Heaven Sweet Meyer Lemon. The scent is there but it is a sweet quaint scent, not strong at all. Citrus Garden is on my to buy list, that one sounds amazing.

Caties's Bubbles Waterlyptus is a great summer scent, very refreshing. Not citrus, but very summer, give it a try.

I have some Stirling Citrus soaps, Lime and Orange Chill, good soaps, enjoy both.

That's just a few, I could probably go on all day as I love citrus and bright summer scented soaps.

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Bob from Virginia

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I'll second Bob's take on TOBS Grapefruit shaving cream and RazoRock Don Marco shaving soap. Both are pure citrus fun.  There is absolutely no subtly about either of these.  The former is grapefruit and the latter is orange.  They have both been appreciated by me with the warm muggy days we have had lately. Smile

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South Saint Louis, MO
If you already enjoy Barrister & Mann, I'd highly recommend their summer seasonal, Solarion. The bright floral notes meet the bitter petitgrain and a spicy undertone to make for a light, delightful summer shave.

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Soap Commander Inspiration has a wonderful sweet Japanese grapefruit scent that I can highly recommend.  Last time I ordered from Soap Commander they also included a sample of their summer scent Gusto which is a raspberry lemonade scent.  If I was not living overseas right now I would definitely get a tub of this scent, it is strong without being overpowering and it is the best summer scent that I have ever smelled.  If you have never ordered from Soap Commander I can assure you your experience will be first class as Darren and Carrie are two of the nicest people on the planet.  And in case you are wondering, Soap Commander balms are the best (in my opinion) bar none.

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(07-21-2015, 07:22 PM)SoapSmooth Wrote: Do you like sweet citrusy scents or more on the bitter side?

Good question.  I think I like both.  I would not have thought so a year ago (I didn't like the sweeter scents until recently) but tastes change and I find both pleasant now.

Well, I have to check my bank account because a Lot of the soaps suggested sound fantastic.

Owaba's suggestions (with Freddy's backing) sound great. I should have thought of Razorock myself since I had looked for Don Marco back in February and everybody was out. The pricing alone makes it worthwhile. I fear It might be too sweet but as I mentioned earlier, I have grown to enjoy sweet scents.

Dr. Jon's Hydra is not one I am familiar with but sounds like I should check out.

Catie's bubbles is fantastic and the only reason Waterlyptus hasn't stayed in my "shopping cart" is because of my fear of a lack of scent strength.

Stirling is another great Idea and I had plans to try Stirling anyway. Iced pineapple sounds fantastic but if I get Stirling I need to know a few of the better scents so I can get a variety of their soaps but that would be another question entirely
Barrister & Mann is another that I love. I really like the sound of Solarion and the Lemon Lathe is a great idea as well.
Thank you both Owaba and Hawns for that suggestion

Soap Commander is like Stirling for me. A Must Have Soon, But like Stirling, I was unsure where to start.
Thank You Jeff for the idea of Inspiration. If there is a favorite or MUST have of Soap Commanders, please let me know.

With all the choices before me, I am glad I didn't get into wet shaving to Save Money.
The stuff here is great but I want to try it all.

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Soap Commander Gusto (raspberry lemonade), Inspiration (grapefruit), or Respect (lime).

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>>> Brian <<<
Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!
Barrister and Mann FEROX - Tart Grapefruit with a peppery spice!!!
Elvado - Wild Mint Lime - Wonderful citrus with a touch of calming mint
If you like Menthol with your citrus Id suggest Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic or Queen Charlotte Soaps Iced Key Lime.

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My favorite summer scent is cucumber. Soap Commander Motivation and PAA Cucumber are both good, especially when followed by Thayers Cucumber.
Mint scents are good for summer, too.

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