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This early 1940s bakelite razor appears in various guises as the 7 O'Clock, Minora and French Gillette Tech No.25 set on the Mr-Razor site and it was my first vintage DE:[Image: 20150919_233102.jpg]

A bit like the modern Ikon Shavecraft of the same name, "Tech" is rather deceptive here.
This razor has similar stylistic lines to the later Techs but it is very aggressive almost to Wardonia levels with a big blade gap and decent blade exposure.
This gives the razor a nice bitey feel to it and allows for steep angle shaving.

As with other bakelites from this period, it's also extremely smooth.[Image: 20150919_232748.jpg] [Image: 20150919_232431.jpg]
[Image: 20150919_232919.jpg]
This was also the razor that started my love affair with bakelites - it's smooth, powerful and good to look at.

Anybody else got one of these or something similar?

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