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BOOM! CK-6 in the House!!!

Well we all knew it would only take a matter of time. The constant PMs and Emails also helped drill the point home...we needed to offer some classics in CK-6. As we enter our busy season here we will try to do what we can in regards to what other classic scents follow...but bear with us folks, we are trying! Smile Now lets dig into these, shall we?

So I thought I would put together a little refresher scent profile for you fine folks, for I know it has been awhile since the majority of these classics were released. Enjoy!

Cavendish CK-6

Scent Profile: Dark Kentucky & Burley Tobacco, Cherry Wood, Sweet Vanilla Bean, Cedar, Leather & a kiss of Smoke.

This my friends, is the Original Pipe Tobacco Scent Shave Product! It's true, the 2nd scent I ever made and a personal favorite, being that Cavendish is/was always my favorite blend to puff...The Earl Grey of Pipe Tobacco!

CaD CK-6

The Classic Barbershop Scentsation!

Scent Profile: Talc, Rose, Bergamot, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Coumarin, Musk.

For some of us this classic American barbershop scent will remind us of our first shaving cream, maybe the very one dad stuck in our hand. It has a unique, fresh, clean smell. Aw what the hell, this my friends is our long time running homage to the Original Barbasol dating way back, not the current stuff out there!

Atomic Age Bay Rum CK-6

Scent Profile: Select West Indian Herbs, Spices & Citrus Notes suspended in a harmonious golden ratio. Absolutely NO CLOVE!

My mission; Create the BEST Bay Rum on the planet...lofty I know and possibly a tad dramatic, But I DID IT! I kid you not, I actually believe Atomic Age Bay Rum is the last Bay Rum people will ever buy, and now in CK-6...it will be Unstoppable!

Dapper Doc's CK-6

Scent Profile: Lilac, Fig & Musk. Simply Complex...

Doc Holiday was many things but one thing he was not was...a slob.

Holiday had rather refined tastes for a gunslinger of his time and known to be a rather snappy dresser, sharp in wit and style. Lilac & Fig, a classy scent reminiscent of Victorian times and something our outlaw hero Doc Holiday might have bought off the back of a stage coach that just arrived from back East.

I envision Doc slapping on something similar before a long night of cards or an early playhouse performance at the Birdcage Theater in Tombstone , Az. You may smell like Lilac & Fig but you ain't no daisy!

I think the first four are a really great selection so by all means check 'em out!


Cavendish Eau De Parfum

We finally just released a Cavendish Eau De Parfum that came out REALLY, REALLY Smooth & Potent!

Not to sound like a broken record but I swear this contains some other elements of awesome, so read carefully and preferably out loud...in a Trans-Atlantic Accent. (Think Cary Grant)

Scent Profile: Dark Kentucky & Burley Tobacco, Cherry Wood, Vanilla Bean, Hiba Wood, Sweet Northern Grass Tree Resin, Tobacco Absolute, Leather & a kiss of Smoke.

Cavendish is a very aromatic blend of dark Kentucky and Burley tobacco, enhanced with the delicate taste of cherry and just a touch of vanilla. Reminiscent of a heavily fermented leather pouch of lose pipe tobacco projecting a round, rustic yet exquisite, sweet nostalgic aroma.

Have A Wonderful Week & A Very Safe & Happy Halloween!

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